Politics was never meant to be a lifetime career. Texas needs fresh ideas and new perspectives in government. Texas voters deserve the right to vote on term limits.


"When anyone is in power for a long time, they get comfortable and complacent. We need new ideas and fresh perspectives. We need Texans For Term Limits."

- George Seay


To the thousands of Texans who joined our effort to bring term limits to Texas - my most sincere thanks and appreciation to you - for standing on conservative principle, for fighting the good fight, and for helping us get closer to making term limits a reality than ever before in Texas history. The people of Texas transformed a conservative ideal into a full fledged operation in a matter of weeks.

Texans spoke out on social media and in traditional media, making it clear they overwhelmingly favor limited government and ending political careerism.
Unfortunately, 93% of Texas voters, who want the opportunity to vote on term limits, were ignored by a majority of the Texas House of Representatives yesterday.

We always knew passage would be difficult. Any time you ask elected officials to buck the establishment and give up political power it's going to be a tough sell. And term limits has never passed before in Texas.

With that reality, we should be so proud of what we accomplished in a few short months. Never before has term limits come so close to becoming a reality - within one vote.

For me personally, it was very satisfying to see how many Texans cared about good public policy and conservative reform like term limits. My commitment to stay involved and fight for principled causes is stronger than ever.

For Republicans in particular, this vote was a real head scratcher. A majority of our party in the Texas House ignored the wishes of the 80% of Texas voters in favor of term limits and rejected a core conservative principle. After Republicans win elections, we have a responsibility to govern in a way that is both consistent with conservative ideals and reflects the will of the people of Texas. As a conservative state, Texas deserves principled, conservative leadership from its elected officials.

Texans for Term Limits celebrates the progress made in this legislative session, and looks forward to the day when term limits becomes a reality in Texas.

The Senate passed term limits bill SJR13 by a vote of 27-4. Now on to the house!